Basement Damage Restoration Service

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Basement Water Damage

Let’s say you’re looking for a new home. Look for signs of water damage because it can be expensive to repair depending on how far it has spread. Due to the fact that water will gravitate toward areas with the least resistance, basements are particularly susceptible to this kind of damage.

When wet, the basement’s building materials can develop mold in as little as 24 hours and attract insects. If these issues are not addressed promptly, the entire house structure is jeopardized, making the property extremely difficult to sell later on.

Signs of water damage typically include visible mold or mildew, musty smells (usually from mold or mildew that just can’t be seen), cracks in walls (accompanied by the yellow-ish colors), and flaking paint. 

Struggling with basement water damage? Call Arizona Water Damage Solutions for a prompt water damage restoration service immediately. One thing’s for certain with water damage – it will only get worse. Just give us a call and we’ll repair everything for you.